Three Months Online Internship/course in Learning Disability

Why a special training for Learning Disability?

Learning Disability  is  a  hidden  disability  and  it  can  be  often  mistaken  for  laziness,  stubbornness  and  an indifferent  attitude  towards  studies.  So budding professionals  need  to  be  aware  of  what  the  condition  is,  how  it manifests and what kind of specialized help these children need so that they could be trained to cope with their academics.

These children find it difficult to learn in the way they are taught in class and it is important for them to be taught in the way they  can  learn.  So  each  child  has  to  be  assessed  to  find  out  his/her  strengths, needs, learning styles, talents, and potential in order to plan and teach the child effectively.

What so unique about this program?

One of the most important thing you gain from this course is newfound knowledge, which you will directly gain from the trainers/ professionals who have ample experience in this field. This program will give you a thorough idea and will acquaint you all sort of topics and dimensions of learning disability. It will provide complete understanding from screening to diagnosis, interventions to solving the emotional and behavioral dilemma in the umbrella of Learning disability. We believe to work in a team with the experts from multispecialty, this program will give an idea about how other professionals like psychologists, school counsellors, special educators and Occupational therapists work collaboratively and their role in the treatment of Learning Disability.

Who can be trained?

  • Students from psychology and special education and allied fields
  • Teachers
  • Parents of special needs kid

What is the flow of the program?

4 online sessions (1.5 hours each) on Saturdays.

What is the course content?

Following topics would be covered along with guided case handling :

  1. Unlocking learning disability
  2. Screening, identification and protocol to diagnose LD
  3. Formation of IEP and role of special educator.
  4. Including LD’s in school setting
  5. Academic management
  6. Helping students to read
  7. Helping students having difficulties in writing and written expression
  8. Teaching mathematically challenged students
  9. Behavior management
  10. Role of occupational therapist in the treatment of learning disability
  11. Parental counselling
  12. Intervention to specific problems

Why this program could be helpful for parents?

Many parents are ready to teach their own children. This program will enable them to understand the dynamics of learning disability and the affiliated conditions and therapies to be given. It will give them an overview of the strategies in reading, comprehension, spelling, and study skills. It will help them to understand their own child, his /her learning styles and to find out which strategies that will be helpful to their child.

What will I get after completing this program?

Of course, you will get practical knowledge about learning disability, with this, you will also get a Certificate of Internship/Attendance from KiDICIOUS.

Is there any scholarships or offers?

Please call at the given number below on this page for any offers.

How to enroll for the program?

Kindly click the button below to register for the course.

I need more details, to whom I need to connect?

Kindly email at with your query, or else call at – 9205-123-404.