School/Corporate Programs

School/Corporate Programs

KIDICIOUS conducts variety of workshops for teachers, counselors, students, and parents in many leading schools of Delhi and NCR. For the detailed information on the workshops, click on the “Workshops for Schools” link on the left panel to get a list of workshops currently being conducted in schools, or read the information below.

Recent changes in the education policy reiterate the need for emphasis on comprehension, analysis and application of acquired knowledge. With this futuristic thinking, KIDICIOUS offers a set of workshops to train students in understanding their needs, plan for their goals, work effectively towards realizing their dreams, and also learn to have independent thinking irrespective of their streams and career choice.

Also, students are just one link to the process of knowledge acquisition, a major link in this system are the teachers. Despite having educated and trained professionals, time-to-time enhancements and growth is essential. In this regard, KIDICIOUS offers a set of workshops for teachers, special educators, and counselors not just to teach better, but also to incorporate the learning in their everyday teaching procedures.

KIDICIOUS also customizes and create different workshops depending upon the requirements.

“Play if fun, and learning through play allows a child to learn in the natural, relaxed way that suits him best.”