Special Education

Special Education

Some children might be delayed in achieving their developmental milestones (like walking, speech & language, etc) due to health problems or any disability. This delay could affect the child learning. If the child is missing a lot of his/her age appropriate learning, then usual schooling guides are not enough. Parents need to give special attention to their child.

A Child Psychologist and/or a special educator evaluate the child’s development in various areas and as per the need they make Individual Education Plan (IEP). IEP includes realistic goals, objectives and specially designed instructions for a child and his/her progress assessment.

The Educator plan, organize and assign activities that are specific to the child abilities. Special need educator also prepare and help students transition from grade to grade.

CBSE Guidelines for Inclusive Education

CBSE guidelines help ensure that student with special needs can be educated in regular classroom alongside their peers but with additional aids, services and accommodation. There are various relaxations by CBSE that are given to children including preferential seating, extended time in examinations, third language exemption etc.

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