Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric Assessments

Every individual has their unique qualities, strengths, hopes, dreams and aspirations. Therefore, the assessment procedure in KiDICIOUS is also unique.

We at KIDICIOUS assess the child in multiple areas like in speech and language development, sensory processing abilities and motor, social & emotional development. We are interested in well being of the child may be its physical, mental and/or emotional well being.

Our assessment phase takes 2-3 hours that looks for various skills in the child which includes speech and language skills, sensory processing abilities, cognitive skills, grade level, achievement motivation, motor, social and academic abilities. We find the child’s current level of functioning with the help of various standardized psychological batteries and tests.

According to child’s current functioning level, we plan the interventions which could include single therapy or need multiple therapy approach. The therapy may include neuro-psycho therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, special education and/or any specialized program for various disorders.

All the services that the child need are available under one roof at KIDICIOUS.

A comprehensive and detailed assessment is the only key to unlocking each child’s potential.